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With her caring and dedication to excellence, Mary Lynn has given us the solid foundation needed to begin the training of classical ballet dancers.  She is to be applauded for sharing her expertise and experience.

Gloria Govrin, Associate Director, San Francisco Ballet School

Mary Lynn has a profound understanding of how to teach the basic principles of the classical ballet technique.  The images she conjures up for the children will ensure that when they become senior dancers they will not injure themselves by forcing the body beyond its capabilities.

I have had the pleasure of teaching Mary Lynn's students at the National Ballet School in Canada.  I have found it easy to prepare them for any major professional company because of the purity of their work which is presented without affectations or mannerisms.

Mary Lynn's video tapes should be very useful for all teachers as they contain so much wisdom.

Betty Oliphant, Founding Director, National Ballet School of Canada

I recently purchased your video set and found the material and your explanations to be priceless.  I have been teaching for 5 years and I am continuously searching for new information and ways to present the curriculum.  I have a very large dance video library and your insightful videos are the most valuable to me.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping to create better teachers and mentors.

Jillian Dudek, Lansing, IL

I have had the opportunity to see Mary Lynn's video tapes on teaching the beginning levels of ballet.  The lessons are precisely demonstrated by the author and teacher and her students.  She is particular about correct body alignment, use of important muscles and feeling of the movements. She gives the exercises, which done correctly at the beginning, will prepare the body for correct execution of difficult movements in the future.  These videos are a high quality educational aid and can be a very helpful assistance for all teachers working with young children.

Ludmila Plihalova, Professor of Ballet, State Dance Conservatory, Czech Republic

Mary Lynn's series is the perfect tool for training aspiring ballet teachers, as well as reinforcing the work of mature teachers.  She reminds us of the importance of a strong foundation.  Bravo Mary Lynn!

Barbara Crockett, Director Emeritus, Regional Dance America

I thought Level I tapes were beautifully and clearly presented.  The details were excellent.  Your student demonstrators and calm teaching approach were greatly appreciated.

I am a director of a dance major program at a small private college.  There is always more to be learned.  I will be using these tapes in my Elements of Teaching and Practicum courses.  There is nothing like these tapes on the market.  Thank you for taking the time to produce them.  I watched all of them in one sitting.  Just could not wait to see and hear each tape.

D. Harolyn Gaudette, Dance Department, Virginia Intermont College

Dear Mary Lynn,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool for ballet teachers.  I have enjoyed learning from your Ballet I & II videos, and am seeing the most improvement in my dancers yet.  I'm currently studying the Ballet III DVDs and am learning so much.

Two things I love about your instruction:  1)  you break down difficult technique into manageable components and 2) you teach with a loving encouraging spirit.

Your knowledge and experience are an <U>invaluable contribution<./U> for which I am grateful, as I am sure are many others.

Kathy Riley, Steps Dance Center, Woodstock, GA