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1.  Never let $'s influence your decisions concerning a student.  Follow this rule and in the end you, the student, and the school will profit.

2.  Remember that you are teaching because you have something worthwhile to contribute.  Do not expect your earnings to include "thank yous" from your students or credit for their success.  It is lovely when it happens, icing on the cake, but that must not be your reason for teaching.

3.  Teach every student in class, not just the ones with professional potential, for even the less talented benefit from good training, and their accomplishments are just as rewarding.

4.  Teach the love of dance, for this art form is so much more than technique.

5.  Continue to learn.  It will not only make you a better teacher, but it will help you avoid "burn out."

6.  The beginning training is the most important, for it is the foundation for all that comes later.  There are no short cuts.

I share these thoughts with the hope that they will be of value to you.  May this profession be as rewarding to you as it has been to me.


Mary Lynn