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Teaching the Most Important Levels in Ballet with Mary Lynn - Ballet III, Including a Special Section on Hyperextended and Bow Legs with Kathryn Sullivan

In this 5 hour 41 minute four DVD set, Mary Lynn presents her syllabus for the third level of training (Intermediate) and shows how to teach it.  It includes 52 steps and movements, over 37 combinations, and how to work with hyperextended and bow legs.

"With the release of Ballet III, I have provided my complete syllabus on teaching the most important levels in ballet training, the foundation levels, Ballet I, II, and III, and show how to teach them.  These three levels, beginning with Ballet I, Semester 1 (Pre-ballet), through Ballet III (Intermediate) are the most important, for if they are meticulously taught, students are prepared for all that follows in advanced work."  Mary Lynn


       Rond de jambe en l'air   Discussing pirouettes  "Foot in Mouth" stretch


                 Teaching the Body Positions   Kathryn Sullivan

DVD #1:  At the Barre
(running time 1:40)


1 Working with one hand on the barre                                                                 2 Pliés with port de bras to second
3 Fourth position
4 Pliés in fourth - two hands on barre for grand pliés
5 Port de bras and head and arm positions for front, side, back and tendu combination
6 Closing into good fifths and tendu combination
7 Forced arch stretch and Détourné
8 Chassé à terre
9 Battement tendu relevé
10 Temps lié
11 Dégagé Piqué
12 Battement en cloche (low)
13 Soutenu flat and relevé
14 Port de corps front
15 Port de corps back
16 Port de corps side
17 Développé front (including Retiré and Attitude)
18 Développé side (including Retiré and Attitude)
19 Développé back (including Retiré and Attitude)
20 Développé and Grand Battement combination

DVD #2:  At the Barre
(running time 1:23)

21 Retiré balance demi-pointe (work for two count balance)
22 Rond de jambe en l'air
23 Développé and Rond de jambe en l'air combination
24 Rond de jambe à terre in two counts
25 Grand rond de jambe 45º
26 Développé Grand rond de jambe, and Rond de jambe en l'air combination
27 Pas de Cheval
28 Frappé, add front and back
29 Petit battement
30 Frappé side on demi-pointe
31 Pirouette -- half turn from fifth
32 Arabesque stretch
33 "Foot in the Mouth" stretch

DVD # 3:  In the Center
(running time 2:16)

1.  Two combinations at the barre: a.  Preparation for Adagio b.  Quick feet & change of weight
2.  Basic arabesque positions
3.  Body positions:  Croisé, Effacé and Ecarté and Stage directions
4.  Pas de basque and Glissade
5.  Soubresaut (2 to 2)
6.  Assemblé (1 to 2)
7.  Chassé from corner, Effacé and Croisé
8.  Sissone simple (2 to 1)
9.  Pas de chat (1 to 1)
10. Jeté (1 to 1)
11. Emboîté (1 to 1)
12. Pirouette from fifth
13. Tombé pas de bourrée
14. Start batterie: a.  Exercise at the barre b.  Soubresaut/Ciseaux c.  Battu from 2nd  to 2nd d.  Counting beats and Entrechat quatre
15. Sauté arabesque -- Chassé
16. Piqué to fifth and preparation for Piqué turns
17. Sissone to arabesque
18. Balancé combination
19. Révérance

DVD #4:  How to Work with Hyperextended and Bow Legs with Kathryn Sullivan
(running time 0:22)

Kathryn Sullivan teaches ballet and pointe at STEPS on Broadway, and for the dance departments at Barnard College and New York University’s musical theater  program  CAP 21.  As a dance educator,  she has written several articles on technique for major dance  publications, supervised five “Music for Ballet Class” CD’s for Roper Records, and made several instructional videos related to ballet training and choreography.