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In this set of three videos, Mary Lynn presents her proven syllabus for the first level of training and shows how to teach it.

SEMESTER 1 Running Time 49:33

Stretching Exercises  on the Floor

-Ankle Stretch 

-Back Placement Exercise

-Alignment of the Foot

-"3 Points of the Foot"

-Half-toe Position or Demi

At the Barre


-Demi Plié



-Jumps or Sautés

-Hip Flexor Stretch

In the Center



-Back Limbering Exercises

-Head Positions

-Shoulder Placement

-Hand Position

-Second Position of the Arms

-"The Puppet and the Toy


-Sauté Combination

-Walking Like a Dancer


-Ending the Class
SEMESTER 2  Running
Time 63:20

-Back Placement Exercise

-Determining the Degree of Natural Turnout

-What is "Turnout"?

At the Barre

-Demi Plié in First and Second Position and Elevé

-Ankle Stretch

-Tendu Front and Side from First Position

-Dégagé Side and Front from First Position

-Rond de Jambe from Front to Side and Side to Front

-Grand Battement Front and Side

In the Center

-Arm Positions and Port de Bras

-Tendu Combination

-Dégagé Combination


-Jumps or Sautés in First and Second Position

-Chaîné Turns


-Walking Like a Dancer 

SEMESTER 3  Running Time 56:53

At the Barre

-Grand Plié in First and Second Position

-Tendu Back

-Tendu Combination with Elevé and Balance

-Dégagé Back

-Dégagé Combination with Elevé and Balance

-Rond de Jambe from Side to Back and Back to Side

-Rond de Jambe en Dehors and en Dedans

-Tendu Closing Plié

-Sur le Cou-de-Pied Front and Back

In the Center

-Port de Bras

-Tendu Combination with Elevé



-Chaîné Turns on Demi Pointe