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"At this point in my life,  my focus is to share with other ballet teachers the teaching skills I have learned and developed, and these videos/DVDs are a result of this goal. The beginning levels are the most important, as they provide the foundation for all that follows.  If taught expertly, this foundation will save countless hours of backtracking and prevent many injuries.  It is my sincere hope that this series helps ballet teachers produce students who possess both a strong technique and a love for this art form."  Mary Lynn

Throughout the videos,  Mary Lynn..... 

1.  Addresses the greatest challenge for ballet teachers:  how to develop a love for this art form and at the same time establish good technique.     

2.  Discusses and gives examples of how to teach so students learn three ways:

  • Visually, to see or recognize how it's suppose to look, developing a sense of line right from the beginning.  
  • Mentally, to understand how it's to be done, using verbal pictures, props and games to get ideas across more quickly and in a fun way.   
  • Physically, to feel what it's like when done correctly (which develops muscle memory) emphasizing the importance of hands-on help and how a combination itself can get a student to feel what you are after.

3.  Presents specific exercises and combinations that build the foundation for all that is to come.