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Experienced teachers

  • to add to their teaching knowledge

New teachers

  • dancers retiring from performing careers.  Usually these highly skilled professionals have much to offer an advanced class, but little or no knowledge of what should be given and how to present it to lower level classes.   
  • people with dance degrees.  Many dance majors graduate with good training in important  dance related subjects but often lack real teaching knowledge, especially in teaching children.
  • young, inexperienced teachers.  For example, teens are often pulled from the advanced level of a school and assigned these beginning levels.

Ballet school directors

  • a great tool to help train teachers to teach these "most important levels".  (They can save the director lots of time.)

Dance departments at colleges and universities

  • from their value as a source for information on the foundation technique of classical ballet, to their use as a "text book" on teaching this great art form, the series is an important addition to any dance department library.